Virus set my files in all drive to hidden. SOLVED!

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Computers and Internet
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Usually when virus hide files and it also remove folder options it is much difficult to get the files quickly if one is in hurry.I’m going to tell the the way in which you can unhide all the hidden files.

* use this command for all the folders in the driveattrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l

Steps 1

1. Go to Start > Run > type cmd
2. Dos will open type cd\
3. Now type the drive letter in which you want to Unhide the files lets suppose in my case its E: this will open the E: drive
4. If you want to see all hidden files and folders   type E:\>dir/ah
5. Now type attrib *. -h -s /s /d
6. Now close cmd using exit command

Steps 2 (folder by folder)

1. Go to Start > Run > type cmd
2. Dos will open type cd\
3. Now type the drive letter in which you want to Unhide the files lets suppose in my case its E: this will open the E: drive
4. If you want to see all hidden files and folders   type E:\>dir/ah (*you will now see the files/folders with hidden attributes )
5. Type “attrib [name of file/folder] -r -a -s -h” if you’re going to unhide files, you should type the whole name plus the extension (example: attrib banner.psd -r -a -s -h)
6. Now check you  drive.. it should be there


Use  SmadAV-2014

..:::Thank you:::..

  1. Jason Davies says:

    Thank you for the information. I will post a further dialogue about this at our site on data recovery blog

  2. marvykid says:

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  3. Rienzi says:

    Thank you so much!

  4. Tilly says:

    Thank you so so so so so much. I managed to recover all of my homework, coursework, pictures, everything I needed. THANK YOU.

  5. Hanumanta Rao says:

    Thank you

  6. marvykid says:

    Pease be informed that the Tantidote file has been moved to another website find the new link below

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  7. Iniobong Ette says:

    Thank you and God bless. it worked.

  8. roland says:

    Thanks a lot man, u just solved my long time prob =)

  9. panda says:

    Thanks man,it really worked,I jst used it!!!!

    • Moti Gross says:

      I was in hysterics!!! all my files on my flash drive just disappeared!!! thank you so very much for your help and wisdom, you just save 35GB of materials

  10. justine says:

    thanks i just and i fixed my files, it really worked..

  11. dave says:

    tnx for the blog… i thought of formatting my memory card, though my files, projects and other stuffs are still there.. its of great help tnx again..

  12. Has Caines says:

    Hey can anyone help me…. I’ve tried this and when i run throught the steps it starts to work but i see as its scanning through all the files it says. Access denied. Why is that? Nothing has changed. Please help.

    • jtwenty3 says:

      I haven’t finished it but I am getting the same Access denied before all of my files as well?

      • n4dheem says:

        “Access denied’ this message will appear if there is another virus on your drive make sure to scan the drive ti will help,,,

      • spahmatthew says:

        It’s because you don’t have administration rights to run the command. While in your current CMD window type.. runas /user:Administrator cmd

        This will open a new command line interface. From there you should be able to execute the command.

      • jtwenty says:

        Okay, after I type in that runas admin command, it asks for my password but won’t let me type anything?

      • JamesG93 says:

        Hey, I’m getting the same problem aslo, but even when I go in cmd it doesn’t let me type my password or anything for that matter, it lets me type everything in cmd but as soon as it comes round to putting in my admin password, no letters or numbers work, is it hidden or do I need to do something for it to let me type my password in?

      • KIM says:

        samething…. plss do something about our probs…

  13. spaketti01 says:

    thank you! thank you! very much! you save my files….keep up the good work!

  14. Xarvier says:

    Well, I’ve done all of that…it just recovers some foldrs and shows ‘access denied. for the others

  15. Syed Atif Ali says:

    But my problem is the property of my drives use drive is 17GB but when i will open my drive then no any file to display in my computer OR on command prompt. Even I ‘ve apply all these attributes commands, (dir /ah: the its says file not found)
    but i will open my drive with another computer by run command than its shows all files. there is some shortcut name virus on all folders.

  16. Mike says:


    Thanks very much! it worked for every file except files with a space in between the name lie :Music Production or Personal Information?

    keeps on saying “Parameter format not correct -” ?

    • Mike says:

      My bad, it works for all folders with a single name like: “Music” and “Games” except for ones with a space between the name like: “Music Production”, “Personal Information”. “says Parameter format not correct -”

      Any idea what i’m doing wrong?

      • Arun kumar says:

        Hi mike u can open those by this method
        attrib MusicP~1 -r -a -s -h

        Just try, It worked for me.. I couldn’t open the folders which is having characters and numbers. :-(
        Hope it helps you.!

    • kempeebotante says:

      Type drive letter(E:\ for example.)E:\>attrib “Program Files” -r -a -s -h
      it wont matter hw many spaces der is, tried myself…didnt took 1 minute to figure these out. Simple.

  17. HCC says:

    Hi, I have a suggestion as well:
    Go to My Computer, Tools, Folder Option, and look for the option to show hidden files and folders.

    RIght click on them (you can select all of the them) and click “hidden” button (or unclick it). Voila.

    • dddeell says:

      Hi, I have a suggestion as well:
      Go to My Computer, Tools, Folder Option, and look for the option to show hidden files and folders.

      RIght click on them (you can select all of the them) and click “hidden” button (or unclick it). Voila.


      This is very simple. Works very well. Thanks

    • HMDID says:

      “Hi, I have a suggestion as well:
      Go to My Computer, Tools, Folder Option, and look for the option to show hidden files and folders.

      RIght click on them (you can select all of the them) and click “hidden” button (or unclick it). Voila.”


      OMG SO EASY! I got all my files back, thank you so much!! You’re the best!

    • James says:

      wow. I can’t believe this actually worked. I was getting the ‘access denied” when running the program ..and then i tried this. It was so simple and did work well. Thanks HCC.

    • kmpjs says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was getting the access denied message too, and then tried this. Could not believe how easy it was. MANY MANY THANKS – I am trying to finish my PhD thesis and this has saved me a lot of time and energy. You made my day :)

    • MsQ says:

      Thank you so very much! That worked and it was so simple!

  18. helped guy says:

    sexy! worked!

  19. Red says:

    that works pretty well, now what if i have a large amount of folders, I’m sure nobody will have the patience to type all the folders name, Do i need to create a batch file to actually change all folders attrib to “-H +S” folders?

  20. Alvaro says:

    I’m lazy, theres no way to change the attribute on all the files form the folder?

  21. Aaron says:

    thanks very much , fixed problem after attack by trojan

  22. Matt says:

    I have been struggling with this one after removing the malware all the files were hidden and other websites made it unclear about how to type the command in promt however having the screen shot on here made it simple and it worked first time – thank you! My friend was going to throw her laptop away and get another one!

  23. Matt says:

    ps all folders were hit with the one command I had no need to do each folder

  24. Steve Gates says:

    You are just awesome..saved our time and life…thank you…

  25. Kaw says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had something like, 12 trojans, and they corrupted all of my System-32 files. then all of my files were hidden. finals are next week and you just saved my grades.

  26. gawwy says:

    Thank you for the post I did recovered the files I need. kudos!

  27. dinedine92 says:

    Hello I made a java program to accomplish this.. Here’s the link:

  28. Wobs says:

    Jah Bless, works just fine

  29. nathan says:

    thanksss aaaaaalot man..

  30. Jake nike says:

    Thank You very much…fixed my problems ………

  31. Osagie-Wealth says:

    Thanks Bro.. u r the best

  32. adri says:

    thank you very much and merry christmas

  33. Sean says:

    God bless u kind stranger!!!
    Here i was thinking that i’d have to format my drive & lose 4 years of hard work, did’nt figure out how to use the command prompt at first but i did after a few tries.
    May god bless you for this new year, keep up the good work.

  34. imtiyaz says:

    exellent ……….superb…so thank q

  35. James says:

    Dear everyone,
    My computer had mysterious messages of “SMART Alert Hard Drive error” then a few days
    later a whole directory disappeared (Dell Vostro w Windows Vista). I installed a new HardDrive (Solid State) w Windows7 and made the old HardDrive be a slave F: (so in essence 2 hard drives with the old F: having files hidden by the virus and C: drive w new Windows7)

    I typed “CMD”
    Then “CD\”
    Then “F:”
    Then “Dir\ah” This led to a list of directories hidden by the virus.
    “Attrib *. -h -s /s /d ” led to a list of directories / folders whizzing by on-screen with “Access Denied” in front
    of each folder and directory.

    Then my F: Drive disappeared so that all I have is C: drive; No F: drive visible at all

    Please help!!!

  36. sam says:

    it worked without stress

  37. Urvi says:

    Thanks a lot!! lot lot!!..
    I saved my laptop today…May god bless u..keep sharing!!

  38. suren says:

    you are really good…..
    actually u have saved me so much of time…
    thank you

  39. Nasif says:

    Thanks man it worked!

  40. Gints Zirnis says:

    Thank you werry much – you saved me! :))))))))))))))))))))

  41. Maureen says:

    Thank you so much! This worked!

  42. parth says:

    Thanks a lot i thought that my 150 gb important data was lost. but i got it back.

  43. somu says:

    thanks a lott

  44. […] am mai întâmpinat o asemenea problemă, aşa că am dat căutare pe Google. Soluţia am găsit-o aici. Am aflat că totuşi, tastând comanda DIR cu anumiţi parametri, se pot vedea fişierele, comanda […]

  45. srn says:


  46. srn says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  47. young john says:

    wow..great..!! this techinque works!!! thanks for the life saving information…

  48. Amarpreet Singh says:

    Thanks……………my problem solved

  49. kiran kumar says:

    i would n’t get any word to say ,
    no word is suff. for this help
    thanks…………………………….god bless u yaar ………………………….

  50. paddy says:

    thanks alot

  51. Hassan says:

    thanks buddy u solve my problum

  52. fau says:

    thank you…

  53. Almusafir says:

    how can hide my folders all at once using CMD?

  54. SAnkEt Dosi. says:

    Hey very very thanks to you…
    this solved my problem in just a min…….

  55. dhen says:

    thank you so much!!!

  56. nujaid says:

    thnx very very very mch :) :) ;)

  57. caspian says:

    Very helpful. So many sites out there proposing to solve the problem, but this sites gives the clearest directions.

  58. suberizedwrx says:

    Thank youuuuuu! Was getting the access denied deal as well. So in short 1) use the dos prompt to see most of your files again. Then 2) make sure hidden files are able to be viewed. Their icons look pale in color compared to a normal icon. Then 3) get rid of the hidden file property by highlighting all the hidden files you don’t want with hidden properties by right clicking and going to properties. There you can untoggle the hidden property. Voila!

  59. krishnanagri says:

    is the problem gone for ever or i have to do this on all other pendrives?

  60. sandeep pal says:

    i hav faced some problem regarding to the disk. i hav hidden drive ” E” through CMD. now i hav faced the problem that i can’t see this drive in my computer. how can i access this drive in my computer. plz reply

    om my e-mail id :-

  61. Frederick Okumu says:

    thank you it worked for me.

  62. GUKKYGIGZ says:


  63. Aaron says:

    To those running a windows system, Vista or 7:
    Go to Control Panel, open Appereance and Personalization, Click on the “Folder Options” Icon.
    The middle “TAB” will say “VIEW” Half way down the window it says: Hidden files and Folders, click “Show” and APPLY.

    Good luck

  64. kashif says:

    thanks thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssss i was going to format but u save my time

  65. crizzy says:

    mine says volume in drive d has no label, but I know that the files are still there since half of the HD is still in use.. help

  66. crizzy says:

    Imy poblem is solved. The virus also disabled the attrib etc….. i just download the Trojan remover_683 and installed it :))) yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  67. chetan says:

    thanks for help

  68. pappu says:

    Thanks a lot mate. It worked like charm :)

  69. Delsie says:

    Thanks a lot! it really helped me.. :) (applause!)

  70. Wishmaster says:

    I execute

    attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d

  71. shihab says:

    thanks.. it is working..

  72. Pepe says:

    Still works –

  73. Arun kumar says:

    Hi Thank u very for the help, It worked for all the folders except the folders which has space in between or some numbers.
    for example my folder name is Adobe Photoshop CS5.1
    similarly I have 4 more folder, for which it shows
    parameter format not correct.

  74. jishil says:

    thank you Its very help full & easy

  75. Hassan Al-Dhaif says:

    it doesn’t work for me when i doing the first step when the attrib *. -h -s /s /d it tells me that the access is denied and the cmd just crash so what should i do?

  76. tvp says:

    thanks a lot for this post. This worked and helped me a lot…

  77. Eduardo says:

    tried and it worked.

    an alternative faster method that i tried is to find a friend with a mac, your hidden folders and files appear right away since the hidden attribute isn’t recognized by the apple OS. so just make a new folder and copy your now visible folders and that it. when viewing in windows you can now see your folders and files previously hidden. it worked for me at least.

  78. mech says:

    thanks it help mi

  79. sanggajah says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  80. subbu says:

    Thanks a lot…..

  81. Time says:

    Thanks :)

  82. zhel says:

    thank you so much..its a big help for me to recover my files :)

  83. Renante M. Ursal says:

    Thank you…

  84. koot says:


  85. Anonymous says:

    Thanks mate, I thought all my files were done for!

  86. Mohammed Irfan says:

    Mohamed Nadheem,

    Thank you boss.this method work nice. thank u again.
    But some problem in when i am trying to do in 2Nd method folder by Folder…if the Folder name don’t have any Space in between than it work nice & if any folder name is big and is there any Space in between then its not working for ie.the folder name is ( Mohammed Nadeem photos) so i try this…
    “E:\>attrib Mohammed Nadeem Photos -r -a -s -h”
    it shows wrong parameter….

    • n4dheem says:

      You have to give proper folder path for example i have a file in the name of banner.psd in the D drive floder name is graphics so i have give like “attrib d:\grahics\banner.psd -r -a -s -h”

  87. Anu says:

    Thanks a Ton and it DID saved my time..

  88. Jean Cabs says:

    WOW thank you, you save my time on making another assignment =) kudus!

  89. Destiny316 says:

    Excellent Thank you Dude ;-)

  90. jomcgee says:

    from jakarta ….. i would say …terima kasih banyak teman …

  91. Alamgeer says:

    Exact, i really enjoyed by your tips

  92. Mhalabi says:

    thanks it works now :)

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    Thank you friend. God bless you.

  94. Rishabh says:

    thank you. its work

  95. Peter says:

    Tantidote,way better,just clean and clean

  96. Julius says:

    thank you so much ….. dat returns all pics of my little baby ..back….!!! God bless u …

  97. M. Reezah Casseem says:

    Thanx alot who ever u are, u are doing a very helpful job for all.. Thanx again

  98. skopie says:

    Than you Very Much i worked very well GOD Bless you.

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    thanx a million ton man!!!!!

  100. Viral says:

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    Thanks dear

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    Thank you So mcuh :) It worked Finally

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    MAN, I LOVE YOU !!!!…but IM NOT GAY…

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    Much Thanks buddy

  105. ali says:

    it was really useful thank you

  106. anonymous says:

    Thank You!

  107. namivamp suka makan says:

    HELP ME! its not working for me..ive done everything i can but still my disk d is hidden….it says “file not found”

  108. Admin says:

    awesome man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  109. asif khan chitrali says:

    thanks i have recovermy data throgh this process

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    it works! i’ve been looking for a solution for this for months. yours is the only one that worked! thank you so much!!

  112. spencer daniel says:

    Thank U very much it solved my problem.
    Once again tks for saving me from this issue :)

  113. jimwick says:

    Thk you soo much, worked like a charm on Win2k3 Server………

  114. shaikat12 says:

    thank u very much dude.

  115. kevin says:

    Acess denied – G:/Autorun.inf

    help help!!!!!!!!!

  116. Manoj biswas says:

    It says parameters not correct

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    Thank You very much right now i am able to access my hidden folders

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    It worked fine for me. Thank you!

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    thks a lot frnd god bless u im happy

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    Truly very useful tips are given here.thank an individual thus much.
    Keep up the excellent works .

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    it didn’t work “Access denied -F:\System volume Information” and i am running cmd as is my problem description :

  136. Masterneo says:

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  138. Thank you so much! This helped me alot

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    Thanks alott…. I thought i need to format and i was so worried that all my imp data will be gone, but u saved it.. Great work… Thanks once again from the bottom of my heart :-)

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    much obliged :)

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    i have find my documents

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    Thank u very much dear…It solved my problem…God bless U…!

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  146. Ezra Samuel says:

    Easy way to recover files for people with access denied on cmd and for others as well
    1)download any live linux distributions
    eg:- ubuntu

    2)Boot into the CD

    3)Click try ubuntu on the start screen

    4)go to home folder and navigate to ur external device (hard drive or pen drive)

    5)all hidden files tat cannot be opened will be displayed….. just copy and paste to other pendrive or to internal hard disk

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    SOLVED! |”? I actuallydefinitely liked the
    blog post! Many thanks ,Margaret

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    waiting for your next post thank you once again.

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